Company respects right of privacy and undertakes that every user needs highest security standard to perform any action via WWW.UNCENSOREDSAPCE.COM. Thus, any information the Company received shall be used pursuant to the objective of user and the Company shall use strict measure for security to prevent of unpermitted use of such information.


Identity of user shall be specified once the registration has been completed. Password which created by user shall be individual confidential information which cannot be seen by any other person. The password shall authorize the user to access to private area and this password shall be deemed confidential information which is changeable at any time by user. Company affirms that will strictly keep password information as confidential, user must keep the password confidential and be responsible to any damage occurs under user ID and password of user unless he can prove that he is not user of such use.


Company shall collect necessary information of user and within time designated by Law, depends on category of service applied on company’s website. We will collect, keep and use such information only in the case that is beneficial to the Company and/or for your satisfactory to our service. Company shall collect and use your information for facilitation of service providing such as, detail or shopping behavior (COOKIES) and record of contact and delivery address including our improvement to fulfil your satisfaction for example, record and use such information for individual sales promotion, marketing analysis (GOOGLE ANALYTICS), etc. Nevertheless, we do not have policy to record customer’s payment information whatsoever bank information, credit card no. or any password which is used for payment transaction.


Company realizes privacy right of user’s information, the Company shall not permit any discovery of information relate to usage of our service unless discovery to staff who is authorized by the Company, its affiliates or person who is authorized in special case and third person who is permitted by user to access his information. Company shall prevent any usage of such information without user’s permission unless;

  • Company is permitted by user.
  • It is information regarding delivery which is submitted to delivery service provider.
  • Record of minor information for convenience of user.(COOKIES)
  • Usage of information for the purpose of analysis, statistic, information reference, report for marketing strategy (GOOGLE ANALYTICS).
  • In the case of necessary that the Company must discover any information of user as required by Law, investigation or trial in court.
  • Any information that is discover legally or according to instruction of related government department.

The information received by the Company may be used for improvement, design, and marketing promotion of service and product relate to Company. However, Company warrants that personal information of user shall be kept confidentially by high standard of security system.


lthough high security standard is applied for protection of private information or confidential information of user from any use without authority, it is known publicly that there is still no security system which can be certain to protect such information from destroying and accessing by third party who has no authority. Thus, additional measure should be performed i.e. beware of any file downloading and/or program downloading from internet source, check correctness of website which to access before signing in to prevent from counterfeit website, install virus scan and protection on computer and/or any electronic device and attempt to improve anti-virus program to be updated including personal firewall should be installed to prevent from attack from any offender.


To use this website, user shall read and understand terms and conditions thoroughly thus at the time user begin using of this website, user shall be deemed that he has agreed to terms and conditions as well as privacy policy. Company reserves the right to change any privacy policy relate to record and use of any information without any prior notification required. If there is any trouble of use or any information required please contact Tel. 026943891 or email to during working days (Monday to Friday 10.00am - 6.00pm except public holiday and annual holiday.)