(TH) WWW.UNCENSOREDSPACE.COM is a proprietary of Ten Over Ten Co., Ltd. which is used as product’s store, marketing channel, sales promotion and communication among users and Company. To use this website pursuant to its objective and for highest benefit, user should read and understand terms and conditions thoroughly. Company and user agree that when this website is used, shall be deemed parties agree to terms and conditions of use of “website of Ten Over Ten Co., Ltd.” which is made by Ten Over Ten Co., Ltd. or authorized by Ten Over Ten Co., Ltd. having the detail as the following;


“We or Company” means Ten Over Ten Co., Ltd. registration no. 0105553123509 located at 48/7-8 3rd floor Soi Ratchadapidek 20, Samsennok Sub-District, Huaikwang District, Bangkok Metropolis, its commercial name is UnCENSORED, website which is used for the business is WWW.UNCENSOREDSPACE.COM.
“User” means Visitors who are interested to visit WWW.UNCENSOREDSPACE.COM whether will be customer who purchases the product or not.
“Password” means the code which is designated by user to be used for registration and signing in according to Password Setting terms and conditions set forth by the Company.
“User ID” means User’s name which is used for registration.
“UnCENSORED Service” means Online Shopping Service System, to facilitate customers for shopping which consists of providing of product’s information, service and any privilege, product selection and payment including any service to be provided in future.


  • User can access to website either by not sign in or sign in by user ID and password.
  • User can change his password by himself at any time. However any change of password shall be in accordance with terms and conditions set forth by the Company.
  • User acknowledges that user ID and password are confidential information, user shall keep it confidential and shall not discover to any other person.
  • In the case where the user by whatever reason needs to cancel password or cancel usage of website, user shall inform such cancellation to the Company in written only.
  • Any service applied on WWW.UNCENSOREDSPACE.COM, by using of user ID and password of the user shall be deemed completed action and legally binding user without any signature required on any document. User shall be responsible for such action either such action performed by any third party whether bona fide or not, unless the user can prove that he is not a person who performs such action or use of such service. In such circumstance, the Company shall not be responsible to any mistake, fault or any damage which may occurs. User agrees that he will not bring such cause to be an excuse, affirmation and/or use as an evidence for any argument or defend in court against the Company.


User is able to use our service through WWW.UNCENSOREDSPACE.COM according to process and method specified by the Company, or through other channel which the Company may specify in the future. The detail shall be as the following;

  • User affirms that any information provided to UnCENSORED is true; Company shall deem that any information given by user is also true.
  • User acknowledges and agrees that any service provided by UnCENSORED shall take some time to proceed which may causes some delay. Thus, user agrees that he will not request UnCENSORED to be responsible to any damage caused by delay of any process.
  • In the case where the computer or communication system of UnCENSORED, internet service provider, mobile network service provider, electricity system, telecommunication system or other system relate to service of UnCENSORED is out of order, under repair, close for maintenance or other reason causes user cannot use the service. User agrees that he will not bring such obstruction to claim for any responsibility from UnCENSORED or bring it to be excuse against UnCENSORED.
  • Any document or letter which we have sent to customer to the address or email address provided by user or later have been changed by user shall be deemed that user acknowledges any statement in such document or letter.
  • User agrees to let UnCENSORED contact, inquire, discover any partly or entirely detail of information relate to user which UnCENSORED have received from usage by user of UnCENSORED’s service, to person and/or juristic person upon necessity and suitability without permission or consent of user required. Nevertheless, permission according to this clause shall effect all the time from now on even the user is no longer use the service in accordance with the application or no longer use any service of UnCENSORED.
  • User accepts and agrees to perform according to announcement, terms and conditions which is changed or added online by UnCENSORED or other channel which UnCENSORED views as proper.
  • User accepts and agrees that UnCENSORED may cancel user ID or password of user upon UnCENSORED views as proper.


  • User shall not make any copy, repeat, duplicate, modify, amend or perform any action to any information appeared on the service of UnCENSORED including no information relate to UnCENSORED which may causes damage can be used, discover, broadcast or any action which may causes damage to UnCENSORED.
  • Company reserves the right of Intellectual Property whatever copyright, patent, trademark or any likewise right of Intellectual Property which the company has on its trademark, commercial name, symbol, service mark, domain name, logo, content, passage, icon, alphabets, picture, software or any website’s coding. No one shall be permitted to broadcast, repeat, copy, modify, or perform any action which is a tort of such Intellectual Property right.
  • User is forbidden to perform improperly, harmfully or may be harmful to UnCENSORED or other user.
  • When user starts using our service on website, shall be deemed that user has already accepted and understood all terms and conditions relate to usage of this website.


  • UnCENSORED shall not be responsible to any damage, injury, loss, or any occurred expense either directly or indirectly, specifically or unexpectedly, or causation of usage of our service by user.
  • UnCENSORED shall not be responsible to any damage in the following cases;
    • A.In the case where an error occurs during transaction via internet and user acknowledges such error but he fails to inform the company immediately in written.
    • B. In the circumstance that is uncontrollable such as virus invasion, communication system errors or damage of electronic device.
    • C. User fails to perform accordingly to terms and conditions of UnCENSORED.
    • D. Delay or error of user’s electronic device.
    • E. Delay or error of UnCENSORED’s computer system.
    • F. Delay or error of Internet service provider.
  • UnCENSORED shall not be responsible to any damage caused by other website which may be linked to our website, for such website is not under control of the Company. Such link may be created for user’s convenience only.


  • User agrees that UnCENSORED is entitled to amend, change, add or cancel any service without prior notification such as, usability function of customer’s information system, email and/or mobile phone notification.
  • Picture, description, specification of product and/or any presentation appeared on any service of UnCENSORED may be inexact due to the quality of each computer or electronic device. Company reserves the right shall not be responsible for any damage relate to reality of above information however the Company uses highest effort to appear information most similar to reality.
  • In the case where improper action, fraud, any action contrary to public tradition and good morals has been found or user has been found fraud record, or improper action. Company reserves the right to cancel such account at any time without prior notification. Notwithstanding, the Company reserves the right shall not be responsible for any damage occurs to any third party.
  • Use or interpretation of any terms and conditions of service of UnCENSORED shall be in accordance with the Law of Thailand.
  • User has completed registration for using service of UnCENSORED. User is deemed acknowledged, accepted and agreed to be bound to terms and conditions as stated above.
  • If user finds trouble of use of service or there is any suggestion relate to this service please contact Tel. 026943891 or email to customerservice@uncensoredspace.com during working days (Monday to Friday 10.00am - 6.00pm except public holiday and annual holiday.)