UnCENSORED SpACE invites everyone to shop on this extraordinary website for fashion aficionados with 20 brands of rare and unique products which belong to famous designers from all over the world. UnCENSORED SpACE provides alternative selections from lifestyle to fashion forward products including clothing, bags and shoes. Visitors can shop with very special deal available online only. Most importantly, UnCENSORED SpACE boasts numerous selections of key pieces and archrival items exclusively available here.


  1. Customer is able to pick the desired item by clicking at tab located on top of page; the tabs are divided to NEW ARRIVAL, WEB SPECIALS & EXCLUSIVE, MEN, WOMEN and SALE. If one specific brand needed to be viewed, click at symbol of 3 marks which is located on the top left of page, logo of all brands will appear on screen for you to select. Furthermore, customer can search for product in search box which is also located on top of page.
  2. Once the customer has accessed to Product’s page, by just move the mouse without clicking onto product’s picture, brief information of product, brand and price will appear.
  3. If one specific category or specific brand needed to be viewed, click at DROP DOWN Menu in the middle top of page.
  4. If the customer wishes to view all products at once, click at “SEE ALL” which is located on top of page next to DROPDOWN Menu.
  5. Click on product picture of customer’s choice, select size and ‘Add to Basket’.
  6. For additional shopping, please repeat the procedure and click “Add to Basket” in order to pick additional product. In case the customer wants to see list of recent viewed products, click at the eyes symbol which is located at right bottom of page (List of recent viewed products function is available on computer only)
  7. Customer can select, adjust quantity and check total price of products which has been added into the basket by click at “SHOPPING BAG” which is located on right top of the screen.
  8. Once shopping process is completed, click at “SHOPPING BAG” which is located on right top of the screen. Please kindly check correctness of purchase order (At this stage promotion code should be filled in the box which is located below of order list), once all information is filled and total price is checked, click at “CHECK OUT” to begin process of payment.
  9. Once “CHECK OUT” button is clicked, system will bring customer to registration page. Please fill in required information.
  10. Once the registration process is completed, the system shall request address for delivery of product and receipt as well as payment information. UnCENSORED affirms that we will not record any payment information for customer’s safety.
  11. Once the payment has been made successfully, system will send confirmation email includes purchase order no. Please kindly recheck for correctness, if any default has been found, there is any query or any further information required please contact Tel. 026943891 or email to during working days (Monday to Friday 10.00am - 6.00pm except public holiday and annual holiday.)
  12. UnCENSORED shall send to you shipping information email once the product has been sent out. Status of shipping can be tracked with the link provided in email.

If there is any query or any further information required please contact Tel. 026943891 or email to during working days (Monday to Friday 10.00am - 6.00pm except public holiday and annual holiday.)


UnCENSORED is one of the leading multi-label retailer that carries over 20 brands of world top designers with 4 shops right in the heart of Bangkok shopping district. Every piece of products is directly shipped from the designer; therefore all products are 100% authentic.


  • Visitor can browse through the website without registration.
  • For your convenience, if you participate and register with THE ACE CLUB in our online shopping page, system will record delivery information for your convenience in future shopping transaction.
  • THE ACE CLUB Membership online system stores customer’s WISH LIST as well as records of previous purchase order.
  • THE ACE CLUB Member will constantly receive special privilege.
  • If you would like to register as THE ACE CLUB Member, please click at “REGISTER” located on top of the screen or customer can register when making purchase. For your safety we will not record any credit card and payment information on our website. You must reenter information every time of your shopping.
  • Further information regarding privilege of THE ACE CLUB Membership please click here.


PAYSBUY payment system is used for any payment in this website. Payment methods are as the following;

  1. Payment by Credit Card.
  2. Payment by Installment by Credit Card.
  3. Payment by online banking system of Siam Commercial Bank, Krungthai Bank, Bank of Ayudhya and Bangkok Bank.
  4. Payment by cash at branches of Siam Commercial Bank and ATM of Bank of Ayudhya and Siam Commercial Bank
  5. Payment by cash at Counter Service of TESCO LOTUS, JUST PAY, MPAY and FAMILY MART.
  6. Payment by your PAYSBUY account.
  7. Payment by PAYPAL.
  8. Payment by sending request to third party to make payment on your behalf.

Any payment for any product of UnCENSORED website shall be made in THAI BAHT only. For highest safety standard of payment, PAYSBUY has qualified security system and strict measure as the following;

  1. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 128 Bit
    SSL is a highly secured encryption protocol to protect data connection with the key size of 128 bit, ensuring safety of data transmission between customers and banks. Therefore, the technology is widely accepted and used even among leading financial institutions around the world.
  2. Increased security with Verified by VISA (VbV) and MasterCard SecureCode (MCSC)
    Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode enhance security for VISA and MasterCard holders. Both provide mechanism to ensure that the cardholder is the only one who is entitled to credit card usage for online payment. OTP (One-time Password) is also used to prevent abuse by potential intruder. OTP is a password valid for only one login session or transaction for further safety. The issuer bank will send an OTP to the cardholder’s registered mobile phone number. The cardholder then needs to enter the password to complete PAYSBUY transaction. (OTP is valid for only 6 minutes. The cardholder needs to request for a new OTP if he/she does not use the password within required period)
  3. PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)
    PCI DSS is the data security standard that safeguards cardholder information, processing, data transmission to make sure the systems are protected against any possible loopholes. PAYSBUY is in compliance with PCI DSS and is certified by Visa and MasterCard.
  4. Special team to monitor payment transaction 7days/week
    Our special team monitors payment transactions by using the system provided by partner banks. A blacklist of malicious credit cards and IP addresses is in place to ensure the security of transactions made through PAYSBUY.


To apply any discount, voucher and promotion code please fill card code or promotion code in the box below of order list in “SHOPPING BAG” page, once the code has been filled; discount and total price will be calculated. Please check correctness of total price after discount before continuing to the next process. Please be informed that one code can be applied with one shopping bill only.

Aforementioned promotion code is not transferable to any third person and cannot be exchanged with cash, terms and conditions shall be in accordance with each promotion.


  • Size of garment of each designer may varies.
  • Sizing information of each product is available in each product’s page.

If there is any query or any further information required please contact Tel. 026943891 or email to during working days (Monday to Friday 10.00am - 6.00pm except public holiday and annual holiday.)

PRODUCT’S Alteration

UnCENSORED provides alteration service for product purchased via website, there will be no service charge for any regular price product. However, alterations of sales item will be charged. Customer can make appointment at Tel. 026943891 or email to during working days (Monday to Friday 10.00am - 6.00pm except public holiday and annual holiday.)

For confirmation of product purchased from website, please kindly present original receipt to the staff on the appointment date. Company reserves the right regarding customer’s satisfaction, if we proceed alteration pursuant to client’s order we will not be responsible for customer’s satisfaction after such alteration.